Artelia helps to improve people’s access to electricity by drawing up master plans and designing interconnected electricity grids.


The Group has stepped up its development in the field of electricity grids in the last two decades, and now has the full range of skills required to manage large-scale projects both in developed countries and on emerging markets all over the world.

Artelia participates in a wide variety of projects that shape regional planning and have a direct impact on the development of countries (major interconnection lines between states, distribution and electrification studies, etc.). Electricity grids are key vectors of the energy transition: by pooling and balancing production sources, they open up possibilities for low-carbon energy mixes.

Artelia’s expertise includes electricity grid engineering (high-voltage equipment, structural analysis for transmission and distribution lines, route optimisation, static and dynamic electrical modelling, protection and control/monitoring systems, etc.). It also covers the economic and organisational dimensions (energy saving, electrical system planning, energy supply and demand studies, etc.), leading it to draw up investment plans and master plans on behalf of government ministries and international funding agencies.

Artelia has developed its own tools and has a great deal of computing power at its disposal to address the issues of placement of renewable energy sources on electricity grids, the spinning reserve available in real time, and storage.


Artelia helped complete over 22,000 development projects around the world, providing effective and innovative solutions.
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