Preventing flooding and protecting people and property is one of our core specialities


Artelia was a pioneer in the detailed mathematical modelling of river and maritime floods and has designed countless protection schemes, and has extended this expertise to include evaluating and reducing the vulnerability of public and private property. We implement risk mitigation measures, often for critically important urban areas and industrial sites, and are frequently involved in drawing up flood risk assessments, prevention or management plans, and disaster contingency plans, performing cost-benefit analyses on the proposed measures.

Our teams help to set up innovative flood warning, flood forecasting, alarm and crisis management systems as well as resilience measures, in urban areas in particular. They design, implement and rehabilitate flood control schemes and defences. They also have proven know-how in the field of flood protection for linear infrastructure, especially road or rail bridges crossing rivers.

We also lay special emphasis on stormwater management, which is an important factor in selecting and sizing sewer systems. We study and model separate networks and have completed a wide variety of schemes to collect, store, treat and redistribute stormwater. We have recently added the creation of large underground storage tanks to our service portfolio. With sustainable development in mind, we also make use of extensive techniques and nature-based solutions.


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