Artelia has developed some highly efficient methods for managing multi-site operations across entire countries.


Artelia is appointed by major industrial, financial and commercial players to build, refurbish, upgrade or rebrand the networks through which they sell their products and services. We have developed a unique ability to manage different types of investment simultaneous across a large number of sites on a regional, national or even international scale.

This leads us to work on networks of bank branches, insurance agencies or outlets selling a wide variety of goods and services, including service stations, shops, car dealerships, restaurants, and fitness centres. We provide a broad array of assignments including delegated management investment programmes, design-and-build projects, design services and construction supervision, and facility maintenance.

We have pooled all our expertise in the field of fuel distribution (both conventional and new) and service station upgrading within a specific entity called Artelia Inergy. The Group has also developed a range of services dedicated to maintenance operations and brought them together within an international entity, Artelia Facility & Asset Management, which draws up solutions and disseminates best practices to generate value in this field.


Regeneration of the built environment
United Kingdom

Fulham Road Shell station

Conversion of a conventional service station to 100%...
Regeneration of the built environment

Basic Fit Spain and France

Turnkey gyms for a European fitness...