Artelia proposes a number of electricity storage solutions to support the expansion of intermittent energy sources in electricity mixes.


Artelia is working in partnership with the authorities regulating electricity transmission and distribution in several countries, on the integration of storage systems into electricity grids to encourage the incorporation of renewables. The Group has developed tools for modelling these storage solutions and the system services they can deliver. It has also developed a digital tool (Opti’Stor) for technically and economically optimising the dimensional design of hybrid power plants.

Artelia designs and implements electrochemical storage systems (Li-Ion batteries in particular) for renewable energy project developers, with the aim of smoothing the generation of intermittent electricity during the day by potentially shifting its injection into the grid to a different time. The Group is also performing R&D on the issues of battery wear and recycling.

For storing electricity on a longer-term basis, Artelia proposes other solutions. The Group is an expert in pumped hydropower storage – the solution most extensively developed worldwide, which involves two reservoirs (upper and lower) and a pumped-storage hydropower facility. It is also involved in implementing so-called Power-to-X processes, currently under development, enabling excess electricity to be transformed into heat, gas or a synthetic fuel (methane, hydrogen, etc.).