Artelia and its subsidiary SHER are key players in irrigation development in Africa.


Artelia began designing modern irrigation networks as early as the 1930s and went on to oversee a vast number of projects to create irrigation areas in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Today, the Group continues to produce irrigation potential studies, irrigated agriculture development master plans, feasibility studies and investment plans. This involves performing a variety of soil, geotechnical, hydrological and land-tenure studies.

As needs evolve, we are increasingly being commissioned for projects to rehabilitate and upgrade existing irrigation networks in order to improve their operation. We also contribute to setting up and assisting the bodies that will manage the infrastructure developed. 

To conserve water resources, we are also participating in several projects aiming to use the water produced by treatment plants for irrigation purposes. Climate change impacts, the adaptation of cropping practices, agroecology and biodiversity conservation are key concerns.

To perform assignments in these fields, we call on our teams of specialists including agricultural, civil and hydraulic engineers, agronomists, hydrologists, soil scientists, surveyors, GIS specialists and socio-economists.


Sustainable use of resources

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Sustainable use of resources

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Sustainable use of resources

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