From drinking water supply to wastewater treatment, Artelia covers the complete cycle of urban hydraulics.


Artelia specialises in water abstraction (intakes, pumping, wells), conveyance (canals, tunnels, pipelines) and treatment (purification and desalination plants). We also have teams involved in developing a new sea water treatment process, and in studying the feasibility of solar-powered (CSP) desalination plants.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to optimising water distribution in towns and cities, encompassing quality, health and safety, networks, leak management, efficiency and tariff structures, drawing on decades of experience of pressure pipes (unsteady flow conditions, water hammer), control systems and remote management. As an independent engineering company, the Group also provides clients with completely impartial advice for organising their PPP projects and managing their network assets.

To secure drinking water supplies in the face of drought and pollution risks, we analyse vulnerabilities, investigate alternative resources, design storage systems and propose emergency and crisis management plans. We design and supervise the construction of huge storage reservoirs and energy self-sufficient drinking water storage facilities.

To implement sewerage systems geared to the pace of urban growth, our teams draw on their wealth of experience in wastewater collection and management (networks, storage basins, separate sewerage systems, leak and extraneous water prevention). They design and build state-of-the-art compact, non-polluting, energy-efficient treatment facilities incorporating sludge solutions such as anaerobic digestion, composting and storage, helping clients adapt their facilities to today’s increasingly stringent regulations such as the EU Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.


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