Artelia People Solutions

Technical assistance for the mobility, energy and building sectors


«To support public and private sector customers wishing to integrate specific, high-level expertise into their teams, we are developing a new service offering under ARTELIA PEOPLE SOLUTIONS (APS), our subsidiary dedicated to Technical Assistance. This agile approach mobilises our experts to support your teams. Drawing on the group’s multi-disciplinary expertise and independence, consultants have access to a full range of skills, guaranteeing the success of their assignment.

This offer is in line with the demand for quality deliverables, simplicity of intervention and knowledge sharing, 3 of the Artelia Group’s fundamental values».

Ludovic Jousset, Artelia People Solutions Director


Our specialist consultants are involved throughout the project lifecycle, from ideation to implementation:

  • technical design
  • programming
  • project management
  • regulatory, administrative and financial
  • operations

What makes us special: all our consultants benefit from a personalised skills development programme and the technical support of the Group’s various experts. With their wealth of experience, they play an active part in our internal knowledge enhancement programme, so you benefit from the latest advances and innovations.


Artelia People Solutions operates in a wide range of fields. From transport to energy, and from rail to the EPR, we are united by a common characteristic: a passion for projects that create positive solutions.

  • Infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • City
  • Energy
  • Environment