Artelia is one of the worldwide experts in the design and implementation of river and maritime transport infrastructure.


Artelia began working in the field of river and maritime navigation infrastructure and structures in the 1930s, and since then has continuously been involved in projects aiming to improve existing constructions or create new ones. The considerable increase in worldwide transportation of merchandise by sea, the rise in popularity of cruises and the revival in inland waterway shipping in many regions of the world have resulted in a significant growth in demand.

We act as consultants in maritime and river transport planning, infrastructure optimisation and port development, using our powerful traffic simulation tools. Our Group designs and provides assistance for the creation of commercial ports and industrial terminals all over the world. At our centre Port Revel, we also contribute to the safety of maritime navigation by training port pilots and ship captains in manoeuvres in confined waters.

Artelia also contributes to the rehabilitation of many navigation canals and the implementation of new structural projects. Our Group has a vast array of skills in canal and lock engineering, in particular in the study of problems relating to approach currents and the operation of wide-gauge locks.


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