Artelia works on heating and cooling networks from initial planning right through to installing the users’ connections.


The company’s expertise covers all the different types of network (steam, superheated water, hot water, warm water loop, chilled water) for both urban heating and cooling systems and industrial uses.
During the preliminary phases, Artelia assesses the existing system and examines the feasibility of implementing a network creation, upgrading or extension project. The Group then performs the dimensional design and routing studies, and oversees the detailed design and implementation of all the installations (pipes, substations, automated control system, etc.).
Drawing on its expert knowledge of the full range of energy sources it selects the most suitable low-carbon heat production method (biomass, solar thermal, waste-to-energy, ocean thermal energy conversion, waste heat recovery, etc.) to supply networks keeping fossil fuel use to a minimum.
Artelia also uses its skills in the management of cold water sources to meet the increasing demand for air conditioning networks (offices, homes) and for specific cooling facilities (data centres) by developing innovative solutions (heating/cooling loops, seawater air conditioning, etc.).


Energy transition

Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling network development

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Energy transition / Sustainable use of resources

Converting Amager power plant to biomass

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Advanced industrial facilities

Aalborg University Hospital’s thalassothermal system

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