Assessing, mobilising and protecting water resources are among Artelia’s longest-standing areas of expertise.


At catchment basin level, Artelia evaluates resources, analyses vulnerability and helps authorities implement management frameworks that are rational, fair and sustainable. This involves implementing measurement programmes and performing technical, statutory and economic assessments of surface and groundwater resources.

We contribute to the creation and upgrading of data collection systems and build water information systems, while supporting the development of human organisations dedicated to integrated water resources management. We draw up and implement water abstraction plans and facilities, and propose solutions for regenerating and preserving aquifers to address growing concerns regarding the overuse of groundwater.

We have completed many studies on water quality and how to protect it against various forms of pollution such as nitrates, crop protection products, and urban and industrial effluent. Our teams participate in projects to reduce water contamination on behalf of ministries, basin management authorities, and municipal councils.

They have a wealth of experience and a broad range of skills and knowledge in the management of water resources (hydraulic, hydrogeological, hydrological, geomorphological, agricultural, environmental, etc.).


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