Artelia is actively involved in efforts to develop the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen.


Hydrogen is well known as an industrial gas, but is now also widely seen as an energy vector with strong potential, especially as a means of storing electricity and decarbonising travel.

Artelia contributes to the integration of industrial facilities for producing and transforming hydrogen (electrolysers, biomass-fired production units, compression and cooling plants, coproduced hydrogen recovery and treatment units, etc.).

The Group is involved in a variety of hydrogen distribution projects for the transport sector by designing and building dedicated service stations (Germany, United Kingdom) and experimental train power supply systems (Germany, Italy).

Artelia is also participating in a number of operations to produce green energy by using excess electricity to produce low-carbon hydrogen and then export it to areas of consumption.


Artelia helped complete over 22,000 development projects around the world, providing effective and innovative solutions.
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