Artelia supports the adaptation of office buildings in line with changing requirements and working practices.


Artelia has been designing and implementing commercial real-estate construction and renovation projects for more than half a century. We work alongside renowned architects and for prestigious developers and users in many countries to build office buildings meeting the full gamut of expectations: energy and environmental efficiency, health and well-being, comfort and associated services, coworking, connectivity, integration of plants, and more.

We have acquired unique expertise in the appraisal, assessment and competitive valuation of real estate assets. We have all the in-house technical skills needed to carry out asset audits and construction or refurbishment projects: construction management, all-trades engineering, project management, and expertise in deconstruction, the environment and international certification.

This goes hand-in-hand with unrivalled expertise in the construction and refurbishment of high-rise buildings and corporate campuses offering exemplary working spaces . These projects generally blend a technical challenge, a bold architectural approach and environmental standards at the highest level.


Artelia helped complete over 22,000 development projects around the world, providing effective and innovative solutions.

Energy transition / Regeneration of the built environment / Sustainable use of resources

Refurbishment of the Vetra Building in Milan

Between design and sustainability, the new life of an office...
Regeneration of the built environment

Construction of the Duo Towers in Paris

An architectural monument with top-of-the-range...
Sustainable use of resources

TRÆ, a wooden tower at the highest level

TRÆ, a wooden tower at the highest...