Artelia issues "Energy for a low-carbon world"

Artelia’s raison d’être “Designing solutions for a positive life” reflects the Group’s aspiration to be a company that is useful to the world and to people, contributing through its activities to having a positive impact on the environment and society.

As independent players in the energy sector, we wanted to clarify our position and commitments in relation to the two major challenges facing our energy system today: decarbonisation and securing supplies.

At a time when many are raising concerns about the slow pace of change in the face of the climate emergency, this book is also intended to shed light on the complexity of the energy system and to show, through the many projects to which Artelia is contributing, how much is already being done to progress towards the objectives of the Paris Agreement in 2050.

Through “Energy for a low-carbon world”, discover all our skills and the testimonies of our experts to meet these challenges!

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