Artelia publishes its 2022 extra-financial performance report!

To respond to the rapid environmental and social changes taking place, Artelia has revised its CSR policy commitments upwards for 2025. Structured around 4 pillars, it is now broken down into 20 tangible objectives that echo the company’s raison d’être: designing solutions for a positive life.

One of the pillars has been transformed to better integrate the efforts made in terms of governance and ethics. Our environmental commitments have also been strengthened to keep pace with the climate change emergency, and a number of other objectives have been clarified and developed in key areas such as gender diversity, well-being, innovation and solidarity.

This report provides a retrospective of the past year in terms of the various actions and projects carried out to meet the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It also includes a series of regulatory indicators to measure Artelia’s results on social, environmental, ethical and societal issues.