Artelia publishes
Essentials 2023

Combining urban development with the protection of ecosystems, new industrial facilities with the limitation of land artificialisation, energy ambitions with the demands of materials, while controlling the associated costs, we are fully committed to delivering economic, environmental and social performance.

As an international, multidisciplinary and independent group, Artelia is naturally in direct contact with the challenges of adapting to climate change, preserving resources and protecting biodiversity, which are now on everyone’s minds.

Guided and framed by our CSR policy, a growing number of our missions are concerned with the development of low-carbon energy production, the implementation of energy efficiency in all sectors of activity, the fight against heat islands in cities, the development of territories in the face of rising sea levels, the management of excess or lack of water…

The year 2023 will have witnessed this, with almost 28,000 projects, and we invite you to discover the essentials!