"Let us honor the universal mission of engineers, scientists and technicians.
Let us honor the values and motto of France"

Letter by Benoît Clocheret, Artelia CEO

Companies, and engineering firms in particular, are an essential driver of progress and prosperity, thanks to the services they provide to their customers and the employment they generate. Artelia significantly contributes to this momentum thanks of its 8,900 committed employees across more than 40 countries. In recent years, companies have also been encouraged to endorse an increasing social, societal and environmental responsibility. Artelia takes its full share, in particular through its initiatives in favor of gender diversity, inclusion, environmental transition and through its Foundation. Finally, we all unceasingly work to make Artelia a welcoming, caring, harmonious and unified company.

On June 30 and July 7, the French will elect their members of parliament. Definitely, the outcome of these legislative elections will be decisive for France’s economic future, including its attractiveness to foreign investment. Artelia, and corporations in general, will be directly affected by the choices made by the future executive and legislative bodies. They may or may not be able to continue to develop and create jobs. We, like all companies, absolutely need economic consistency and visibility to look ahead with confidence, an essential condition for recruiting, innovating and investing.

France must firmly continue to pursue ambitious policies in training, apprenticeship, support for research and innovation, the development of cities and regions, and ecological transition. France must then play a powerful role in the European arena, guaranteeing free movement of people, goods and capital in Europe, strongly supporting the European Green Deal and relentlessly shaping Europe’s unity. Only a united Europe can cooperate, gain respect and compete with the major political and economic blocks in the world, and thus offer its companies, including Artelia, a stable and secure framework allowing growth and job creation.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, engineers, scientists and technicians who have worked for centuries, and engineering companies -including Artelia- that have employed them for decades, are tireless architects of human development, persevering weavers of links, untiring vectors of closer relationships between people. All this through water, transport and energy infrastructures, buildings, industrial facilities and all the equipment they design and help to build. Last but not least, we welcome engineers from many countries in France as we lack engineers. We offer them a future, and they collaborate with French engineers to build a world of progress, prosperity and peace. All this must continue.

Let us honor the universal mission of engineers, scientists and technicians. Let us honor the values and motto of France.


Benoît Clocheret, Artelia Chief Executive Officer