Between traffic growth and environmental imperatives, what transformations for airports?

Hong Kong International Airport Runway

Connecting continents and ensuring rapid domestic connections: these are the main advantages of air transport. In the current context of climate and environmental change, however, this mode of transport is being criticized for its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, its elitist nature and the recreational dimension of some of its flights: pressures that are prompting it to undergo major transformations. As an essential land-based infrastructure, airports are at the heart of this transformation, which some of them have been engaged in for several years. Claire Mazelet and Didier Wellenreiter, two of Artelia’s airport experts, provide an overview of current issues and achievements.

Energy performance contract for Paris schools

Parisian school

Energy performance contract for Paris schools As part of energy performance contracts (CPE), Artelia is committed to reach the announced consumption and emission declines As a key element in the fight against global warming, the energy performance of buildings is the focus of many discussions and actions. To achieve its climate plan targets, the municipality […]