ARTELIA Environment

Developing projects that meet our clients' expectations and address the challenges of the present and the future by combining contributions to human wellbeing, preserving the environment and adapting to climate change, in keeping with Artelia's CSR policy: this is the common future that the ARTELIA Environment cluster proposes to develop and build with its clients and partners.

ARTELIA Environment

Our commitments as a responsible partner

  • Implement projects that meet our clients' needs, have meaning for communities and their surroundings, and make the best possible contribution to preserving the environment today and in the future.
  • Assist our partners and clients, from defining the initial stages of projects to monitoring all the subsequent stages in their life cycle (opportunity study / design / implementation / operation / dismantling / new use).
  • Stay true to our vision: the way we undertake, design and implement our projects is governed by an approach that aims to preserve resources, species and living environments, while anticipating future climate change and creating value for the community.

Our skills at the service of projects

The ARTELIA Environment Business Booster draws on multidisciplinary teams capable of providing their services in local and international contexts alike:

  • Environmental and social expertise (water resources, energy, biodiversity, carbon, climate change, waste, materials, pollution of soil, water and air, health, nuisances, mobility, risks, social engineering, etc.),
  • Engineers specialising in different fields (building construction, industrial facilities, infrastructure),
  • Cross-disciplinary profiles, with team members who are well versed in project engineering tasks, communication and consulting, and capable of deploying a strategic vision at organisational and operational levels, thereby ensuring seamless integration of the various skillsets.

Our added value: we bring together the best profiles with an optimised project organisation tailored to the scale considered, from individual structures to complete urban, regional or industrial development schemes, and we safeguard our clients’ investments by taking a proactive approach to risk management.


Our solutions

An offering that we adapt to clients’ needs at each stage of their project:

  • Anticipating and establishing a relevant strategy for managing opportunities and environmental & social risks
    What are the owners’ expectations? What are the priorities and objectives of the project with regard to its nature and location? Are there any suitable certifications or accreditations? Who are the stakeholders and what are their expectations? What kind of human organisation and contractual set-up should be implemented to meet these aims and objectives? How can innovative solutions be integrated into the projects?
  • Eco-designing projects in line with the priorities set
    Our philosophy consists in imagining positive-impact projects by collaborating closely with stakeholders and building in harmony with the environment whenever possible, and then in avoiding, reducing and mitigating any residual negative impacts. The entire approach is governed by a desire to manage costs, risks and lead times. The goal is hence to safeguard and add value to clients’ investments.
  • Managing the environment during the works by supervising contractors
    Works can have impacts on the environment that must be managed directly but also through assistance and mitigation measures. They can also generate nuisances for local residents and be decisive in the environmental performance of a project during its operating phase. 
  • Monitoring the operation of structures and facilities, to optimise their environmental footprint.
  • Helping our clients dismantle their installations and facilities
    This phase includes deconstruction (and asbestos removal), site remediation, and the recovery of materials.
  • Reporting any lessons learnt and improving the skills, methods and tools we use to protect the environment; most of our innovation efforts focus on improving the environmental performance of projects.


Our expertise