ARTELIA Facility & Asset management

Efficient and sustainable solutions to enhance the value of your assets

Enhanced efficiency and reduced costs are key benefits for clients who call on Artelia’s Facility and Asset Management. These services are tailored to assets such as hotels and hospitals, schools, museums, service-stations, as well as infrastructure such as dams, highway and railway, bridges and water systems.

ARTELIA Facility & Asset management


Why Artelia?

Our client partnerships focus on savings, value generation and performance. Our asset life-cycle experts provide customized solutions from the design phase through construction, operation and maintenance to decommissioning. 

We support our clients understand their assets, develop strategies and systems. We can even provide complete outsourced Facility Management, supervising contractors on behalf of our clients. 

We remain independent from equipment suppliers and contractors, provide ongoing benchmarking of performance against contract obligations (Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators). 

On every project, Artelia embraces sustainability. Its teams seek to reduce the carbon footprint of the projects. They adopt eco-friendly designs and materials, improve energy efficiency, inform and train users or owners on how best to operate assets. 

The Group supports its clients in more than 40 countries and have a proven track record of mobilising teams in new countries. Its implementation enables to handle complex operations on a country-wide or global basis, as well as in multi-cultural environments.

Our expertise