Preparing for tomorrow

Nearly 80 research topics are ongoing in the group’s 9 markets.

Building construction

Improving the energy performance of buildings is a major research topic. It is also a fundamental aspect of property management for which Artelia is designing innovative and global approaches.

Developing digital mock-ups and the associated modelling and simulation tools is vital for coordinating building design tasks involving several partners and optimising project management assignments.

With 4D BIM, Artelia is continuing to invest in the development of digital mock-ups and notably working on designing a 4D block diagram capable of interfacing between a 3D model and a works schedule.

We are also developing new solutions in the field of asbestos removal to meet the challenges of refurbishing sites subject to severe constraints in urban settings.


A pioneer in the field of numerical modelling, Artelia is continuing its development work in the area of coupling hydraulic and economic models for application to development schemes and risk prevention studies.

Designing hydraulic structures and optimising their performance and safety are also leading to major advances.


One of the difficulties inherent to new renewable energy sources is their variable electricity output. Whether in the case of wind farms or solar power plants, this irregularity is very difficult to manage both at the scale of individual consumption and in the framework of huge interconnected power grids.

Artelia is addressing these issues by performing studies on energy regulation and storage during over-production phases, the adaptation of hydropower plants in line with these regime variations, and the connection of marine energy sources to terrestrial power grids.


Preserving water quality, restoring aquatic ecosystems, studying the consequences of climate change as well as designing more efficient methods for taking environmental issues into account in development projects have been key areas of research for Artelia.

New needs are also emerging in the environment field, requiring an open and flexible research policy.


Artelia’s research focuses mainly on methods for designing and sizing industrial installations, on environment and risk management, and on innovative handling and lifting systems.


Research efforts focus on understanding and quantifying extreme marine events (storm waves and surges), ensuring the safety of port infrastructure to cope with such events, protecting coasts, restoring coastal wetlands, and improving knowledge concerning the fate of sediment dredged from estuaries.

Significant developments are also being achieved in marine energy, complex numerical modelling and the testing facilities at our laboratory.

Multi-site project

Heavy demands are also placed on our industrial multi-site activity in terms of innovation, with respect both to project management methods and technological solutions to be implemented on site.


In the area of land transportation, Artelia’s research efforts are concentrated mainly on dynamic regulation of road transport, traffic flow modelling and complex urban structures.

Waterway and maritime transportation and the associated infrastructure are other key areas of research.

Urban development

Urban policies are being rethought from the standpoint of sustainability, and demand is particularly high for innovations providing means of rolling out the emerging concepts inherent to the city of tomorrow (circular economy, smart city, energy sobriety, sustainable mobility, better social integration, etc.).

The objective today is to produce solutions that are viable and reproducible.

Artelia has been involved for several years in the design and development of eco-districts and eco-cities and is a valued partner and member of several teams that have been selected in the French government’s call for projects on the theme “Industrial demonstrators for sustainable cities” including “Dream of urban landscapes”, which showcases an array of technical and methodological innovations being applied in the Plaine Commune district (north of Paris).