A civic and humanitarian commitment


Civic and humanitarian causes


Drawing on its 8,600 employees in offices in more than 40 countries and on its ability to innovate, the Artelia group contributes to social and economic development in the regions in which it operates. 

A culture of building partnerships and reaching out to civil society

As an active member of SYNTEC Ingénierie, the French federation of engineering firms, Artelia is involved alongside 400 other companies in stimulating this job- and value-creating sector, to bring new ideas to fruition and design the world of tomorrow.

Tying in with this open, partnership-based approach, Artelia experts are constantly involved in collaborative research projects aiming to invent innovative solutions and improve our quality of life, in areas such as connected infrastructure, smart buildings, the industry of the future and sustainable cities.

In France, thanks to a network of more than 50 agencies spread throughout the country, Artelia also contributes to local community life. In the Seine Amont urban district (SE of Paris), for example, which includes the Group’s Patio Seine headquarters in Choisy-le-Roi, Artelia is actively involved in a ‘Water, Environment and Soil’ cluster examining micropollutants, Seine river bank development and ways to build partnerships between local authorities and businesses.

Last but not least, the responsible purchasing policy pursued by the Group is encouraging increased use of social enterprises for the procurement of certain services (e.g. copying and printing), which is a practical means of supporting the employment of people with disabilities.


A company Foundation

Logo Fondation Artelia

The Artelia Foundation supports non-profit organisations working to promote solidarity and the protection of the environment around the world. It encourages skills volunteering by making available what is its greatest asset: the expertise and skills of the men and women of Artelia. 

Since its creation in 2006, the Artelia Foundation has supported more than 260 projects and nearly 80 non-profit organization in 28 countries around the world. Developing philanthropy within the Artelia Group, encouraging action and raising awareness are all objectives that guide the Artelia Foundation in the deployment of its programmes. 

Development aid 

Supporting the deployment of solutions that promote access to water, hygiene and sanitation, as well as to energy and decent housing, in order to guarantee these fundamental services to the most disadvantaged.

A civic and humanitarian commitment - Development aid 

Protecting the environment 

Supporting action on the ground to help preserve resources and ecosystems and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

A civic and humanitarian commitment - Protecting the environment 

Social and professional integration

Helping people in precarious or excluded situations to live with dignity through access to employment, housing and sport, and encouraging the creation of social links.

A civic and humanitarian commitment - Social and professional integration