Human capital, our most valuable asset


Human capital

The men and women of Artelia are a cornerstone of the group’s approach to social responsibility, far beyond merely complying with labour law and statutory dialogue between management and employees.

A learning, listening company

Artelia aims to be a place of personal and professional development where opportunities abound for enhancing talent.

Our employees must see this as a source of motivation encouraging them to engage, take initiatives, be creative, grow and move forward with the Group. Artelia intends to assert itself as a “learning” company with the means to accompany its employees at each stage of their career

To achieve this objective we have rolled out an original continuous and integrated development process called the Artelia Way, comprising six areas of focus:

  • Promotion of CREATIVITY, a desire to be pro-active and innovate
  • Recognition of TECHNICAL and/or MANAGERIAL SKILLS
  • DIVERSIFICATION of our training grounds
  • Management of TALENTS via a skills matrix
  • A TRAINING OFFERING focusing on career paths

Firm commitments to promote diversity and inclusion

Artelia has been committed to advancing the recognition and inclusion of diversity in all its forms for more than a decade. This commitment was first put into practice through the creation of a dedicated Diversity Task Force in 2012, and since then various company agreements have been signed in France and a whole raft of actions have been implemented in France and internationally.

Each & All: Artelia's diversity and inclusion policy

Each & All

Each & All involves striving to ensure that each individual finds their rightful place, achieves their full potential, flourishes and contributes to the collective purpose, with their visible and invisible differences (irrespective of their gender, age, sexual orientation, background, life choices, disabilities, etc.), in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Diversity has positive impacts in terms of strengthening collective bonds, boosting performance and ensuring the success of projects undertaken. For us, diversity is also a driver of change and agility and a stimulus for creativity and innovation. These convictions are rooted in the Group’s culture and human values.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is a key component in the social dimension of the Group’s CSR policy. Artelia is pursuing a proactive policy to promote diversity and inclusion, in particular: 

  • equality between women and men in the workplace,
  • including people with disabilities and supporting them in the workplace,
  • integrating people in need of employability support,
  • maintaining the age balance across the workforce, from the youngest to the oldest.

In 2022, equality between women and men in the workplace is a priority for Artelia. The Group has hence drawn up a series of commitments and a plan of actions to be implemented, with key components including: 

Commitment n°1 : 40% of Artelia's senior management roles held by women by 2027

Commitment n°2 : Encourage recruitment and promotion of women into management and executive positions

Commitment n°3 : Promote the gender dimension at all stages of our clients' projects

In signing the gender equality charter of Syntec Ingénierie, the French professional engineering federation, Artelia is taking action to meet various commitments that are shared within our profession.

In 2019 we renewed the Group agreement to support people with disabilities and the framework agreement on non-discrimination, the promotion of diversity and intercultural management for a period of five years.

Constant attention to our employees’ health and safety

Promoting and managing workplace health and safety is a priority for Artelia. 

It contributes to the process of continuously improving employees’ working conditions and quality of life and is the focus of a special action plan. 
The constantly changing socio-economic context is altering the conditions in which our assignments are carried out (configuration of our premises, business travel, fieldwork) and can have an impact on our employees’ health and the company’s performance. For this reason we considered it essential to formalise a group-wide health and safety policy. A number of related indicators are hence monitored closely by bodies set up specifically for this purpose.   

Because safety is a concern for everyone on a daily basis and preventing risks in the workplace is in our DNA, Artelia actively encourages all its employees to join the discussions held on this topic during annual events such as the Safety Week or the safety briefings conducted on a regular basis at our work sites and in our branch offices.

These sessions bring together employees from different geographical locations and business lines and are devoted to sharing experiences and examining current topics related to workplace health and safety such as the trivialisation of risks, personal security during business travel abroad, road safety, working in confined spaces, and risks of falling. Through these actions we are pursuing our goal of ensuring that we all play an active role in our own personal safety and watch out for the safety of others.