Fire Safety & Security

Fire Safety

Safety is a basic human need. Building managers have a duty to keep people and property safe.
Public authorities have set up highly exacting, complex regulatory frameworks. Safety is  incorporated into laws, decrees, standards, directives and regulations that only specialists can fully understand. 

PCSI, an Artelia subsidiary, is a design office specialising in fire Safety,

Mostly composed of former senior members of the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP), PCSI’s vocation is to: 

  • Prevent fire risks in all buildings or premises where they may arise,
  • Assist architects and designers at all project stages up to hand-over of high-rise and other public buildings.

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Artelia assists you with all your needs in regard to protection from malevolent acts of all types: terrorist attack, financially or ideologically-motivated crime, etc.

Our vision of security is founded on four pillars:

  • Complying with the functions of the building, facility or structure
  • Blending in with the architectural concept
  • Maintaining coherence with other regulations - fire safety in particular
  • Taking the needs of security forces into account 

We implement this vision on the basis of guiding principles, the rational level of threat from potential aggressors and in-depth protection through a hierarchy of systems whenever possible, while ensuring that the measures implemented are proportionate and optimising post-attack resilience.

We consider each site to be protected on several levels: its periphery (the area around it), its perimeter (its interfaces with the outside world), and its interior. Our approach combines passive protection (structures, fences, walls, etc.), active security (access control card readers, electronic alarm and response systems, etc.), and human & organisational measures.