Inauguration of the MEDELIA Chair

for sustainable Hydraulic Engineering

We are proud to announce the official inauguration of the MEDELIA Chair, an exciting initiative supported by SPRETEC, a subsidiary of the Artelia Group dedicated to mechanical engineering for mobile metal structures such as lock gates, dam winches, mobile bridges and handling and lifting equipment in the river, maritime, hydraulic and nuclear sectors.

The ageing of the stock of steel structures in France and around the world is forcing managers to make decisions based on a variety of scenarios: extending the lifespan of structures as they were before, repairs, reinforcements, or even complete replacement.
The financial implications are often considerable, taking into account manufacturing costs, works and operating losses during shutdown periods. Managers are therefore seeking to obtain as much information as possible to assess the remaining service life and the level of risk associated with each of these scenarios.

MEDELIA is committed to improving the safety and durability of steel structures. Its missions include obtaining more accurate damage and service life estimates, enabling managers to make informed decisions. Just as crucially, the Chair is committed to transferring knowledge and skills, particularly to students at Grenoble INP – Ense3 and Grenoble INP – Phelma, thereby helping to train future leaders in hydraulic engineering.

Research and training areas:

  • Reliability of structures ;
  • Fracture mechanics ;
  • Stochastic finite element method;
  • Probabilistic fatigue calculations;
  • Eurocode 3