Humanitas Proton center in Milan

Advanced radiotherapy unit (proton therapy) for the Instituto Clinico Humanitas

A major player in the Italian healthcare sector, the Humanitas Group has appointed Artelia to manage the construction of two buildings to house a proton therapy facility at its Rozzano site (Milan).

This project is intended to help improve public health in Italy, as this new radiotherapy technology, which is more precise, reduces recurrence and has fewer side effects, is still not widely used in the country.


The European Institute of Oncology in Milan has begun construction work on the IEO Proton Center, its new proton therapy centre. This technology is the most advanced form of radiotherapy for treating cancer patients. Covering an area of 3,200 m2, the new facility consists of two buildings: a bunker to house the radiotherapy bay and a building to accommodate patients. Artelia carried out the feasibility studies and design for this facility, which is expected to be operational in 2023 and able to treat up to 800 patients a year.