Arboretum Campus

Implementation of a green office concept

As a French developer of low-carbon buildings, WO2, supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate, wanted to mark a new stage in the design of sustainable workplaces with the Arboretum project.

It drew on Artelia’s environmental expertise to design an exemplary campus, combining wood construction, energy savings and renewable production, the omnipresence of nature and the restoration of biodiversity.


Located on the banks of the Seine in Nanterre La Défense, one of the municipalities of Greater Paris, Arboretum ” The Forest City ” is a campus that its developers have designed with the aim of “moving from talk to action in the low-carbon transition”. Its 125,000 m² of office and service space is divided into 7 buildings built largely from CLT (cross laminated timbersolid) wood to limit carbon emissions, making it one of the largest timber campuses in Europe.

It offers immediate and permanent contact with nature thanks to 25 hectares of surrounding green spaces, including a 9-hectare private park, a biodiversity area that joins the Seine and also hosts gardens, a kitchen garden and an orchard capable of producing 10 tonnes of fruit and vegetables a year. Nearly 1,000 trees and shrubs have been planted as part of the project. The campus is also exemplary from an energy point of view. 80% of its heating and cooling needs are met by geothermal energy.

Artelia is proud to have supported developers WO2 and BNP Paribas Real Estate in this ambitious project. Our teams were responsible for the design and supervision (energy, environment, carbon) of the Arboretum campus, as well as managing the certification process. It is now the largest tertiary complex to be awarded the BBCA (Bâtiment Bas Carbone) label at the Excellent level. It has also achieved level E2C2 of the E+C- label. Even though the project was designed before the RE 2020 (French environmental regulations) came into force, it can claim to be close to the RE 2028 threshold.