ArcelorMittal Mardyck

Creation of an electrical steel production unit

ArcelorMittal France is one of the world’s leading steel groups. In France, with production of around 10 Mt/year and 40 plants, it is one of the country’s largest steel producers. Since 1990, Artelia has been carrying out various engineering and project management assignments for this group, notably for its Dunkirk and Mardyck sites, where our teams are currently studying the creation of a 200 kt/year electrical steel production unit.


Located in northern France, ArcelorMittal Mardyck is the Group’s second site in the Dunkirk conurbation. An extension of the main Grande-Synthe site, which houses one of Europe’s largest steelworks (steel production, hot rolling), the Mardyck site specializes in cold rolling (high-end multi-products). In particular, it produces galvanized (zinc-coated) steel for automakers, and thick pickled steel. The project to create a production unit for so-called electrical steels (with specific electromagnetic properties) follows the same logic, since it will provide automakers with the steels they need to manufacture electric motors, and thus contribute to the decarbonization of mobility.

Artelia has been working with ArcelorMittal France for over 30 years on the two sites in the Dunkirk area. Our teams have been involved in modifying installations and integrating a wide range of equipment (furnace cabins, auxiliary equipment for rolling mills, sheet and strip metal production equipment, rolling mills and presses for metal extrusion and sintering, etc.).
On the Mardyck site, they are involved in the design of this new electrical steel unit, managing the creation of the fluid networks and steel structures that supply and support the various components of the installation (furnaces, shot-blasting cell, pickling unit, rolling mill, etc.). The entire plant comprises five separate lines (annealing and pickling, reversible rolling mill, preparation, annealing and varnishing, inspection), some of which are housed in existing buildings. Artelia is also responsible for construction coordination and supervision.