ArianeGroup Vernon

Multifunctional tooling for handling Ariane 6 engines

ArianeGroup, the European leader in space launchers, is involved in the entire launcher life cycle (design, development, production, operation and marketing). Based on the Ariane 5 model, currently one of the most reliable on the commercial market, the company is also developing its future Ariane 6 launcher. As part of this program, Artelia designed and produced special equipment for engine handling.


Arianegroup has a site in Vernon, France, which designs, develops, produces and tests liquid ergol propulsion systems. Its main activity concerns cryogenic propulsion (using liquid hydrogen and oxygen) for the Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launchers. Its 116-hectare test site includes three cryogenic engine test stands and facilities for testing various components.

Artelia supplied this site with equipment dedicated to the Ariane 6 program. Our teams designed, manufactured and integrated the equipment, which transports, protects, stores and handles the future launcher’s propulsion engine all along the production line, from the assembly workshops to the test bench…