Basic Fit Spain and France

Turnkey gyms for a European fitness leader

In 2023, Basic Fit will be present in 6 European countries with 1,300 gyms and over 3.6 million members. After the Netherlands and Belgium, this major player in fitness clubs has expanded into France and Spain and is currently pursuing its expansion into Germany and Luxembourg.

Artelia has been working with the company since 2016 in France and Spain, where our teams deliver turnkey fitness centres.


Basic Fit was founded on the ambition to make fitness accessible to as many people as possible. The company’s aim is to make this a reality by offering optimal value for money facilities and sports programmes tailored to individual abilities. In 2010, it accelerated its growth by launching a sustained programme of new facilities in France, where it now has more than 700 gyms, and in Spain, where 112 have already been opened.

In 2016, Basic Fit asked Artelia to create some of its gyms, relying on our Group’s long experience in managing multi-site operations on a national and international scale. Since then, our teams have been studying potential sites, assessing the technical and economic feasibility of each operation (before the lease is taken out), and then managing all the fittings, paying particular attention to specific ventilation and air-conditioning requirements. In 2019, we have also started to support Basic Fit in Spain, carrying out the same tasks in order to create fitness rooms that meet the brand’s standards.