Burkina Faso Electricity Master Plan

A strategic framework for improving access to energy

An essential strategic document, the electricity master plan allows investments in production, transmission and distribution to be planned by anticipating changing needs. Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Energy has commissioned Artelia to update its plan for the years 2020 to 2040, taking into account its ambitions in terms of rural electrification and supplying areas that are not yet connected or electrified.


While access to electricity has improved significantly in Burkina Faso since 2015, much remains to be done to be able to offer a quality service to most of the population, particularly in rural areas where the electrification rate is still low (28% by 2021). The updating of the electricity master plan is aimed precisely at planning this development, by building a rational and operational strategy that fully meets the country’s needs and ambitions, and identifies the resources to be deployed to achieve them. Chosen by Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Energy, Artelia has worked to provide the authorities with reliable data and to provide a coherent framework for action for all operators in the sector, so as to meet the growing demand for electricity.

Our teams studied the possible changes in demand by drawing up several forecast scenarios. They analysed the various production facilities, their optimisation and extension, with a particular focus on the contribution of renewable energies to the country’s electricity mix. They then took stock of transmission and distribution infrastructures, identifying the various needs (expansion of the national grid, electrification of rural areas, energy exchanges with neighbouring countries, etc.). Particular attention was paid to network stability issues, using dynamic and static simulations. The plan also included distribution to the country’s main towns. Artelia also delivered an economic and financial study of the scenarios selected, in particular to calculate the impact of the investment plan on electricity tariffs. Our Group committed to supporting the Ministry for two years in the implementation of this plan by transferring know-how to help its employees improve their skills.