Euro-Information Verlingheim

A Tier 4 certified data centre, the highest level of security and availability

Euro-Information has decided to build an additional data hosting facility at its site near Lille (North of France).

With a total surface area of 9,300 m², this centre was built in compliance with Tier 4 certification rules, the maximum guarantee in terms of operating reliability for this type of facility. Artelia was in charge of design, engineering and supervision of the project.


In 2016, Euro-Information undertook to triple the surface area of the servers at its Verlinghem site in northern France in response to the growing production of digital data. At a time when administrative information is being dematerialised, the aim was to manage the digital accounts and documents of around 15 million customers, as well as the increased volume of data relating to the management of a banking group’s staff.

Artelia managed the implementation of this operation, which led to the creation of a new building of almost 10,000 m2 comprising 3 TIER 4 certified server rooms, the highest level of security and availability (guaranteed annual interruption of less than 48 minutes). In line with this level of certification, which was targeted and achieved, our teams implemented security systems with numerous redundancies. Given the relatively low temperatures at the site, they were also able to install a cooling system using outside air (continuous cooling and free chilling), thereby reducing the centre’s energy consumption. In addition to the machine rooms, Artelia managed the design and layout of all the other areas of the building (offices, meeting rooms, technical and service rooms, unloading platform, etc.).