Copenhagen Airport

Improving passenger flow and reception

A few years before the Covid crisis, Copenhagen airport was planning to double its passenger numbers to around 40 million by 2035, both domestic and European transit passengers. A vast expansion and redevelopment programme was therefore launched to adapt the existing infrastructure to this development. As a long-standing partner of the airport, Artelia Denmark carried out the engineering for a number of developments designed to improve passenger flow and reception.


As the country’s main aviation infrastructure, Copenhagen airport welcomed just over 20 million passengers in 2018, with plans to double this figure by 2035. After a period of sharp reductions in flights due to the pandemic, this objective is back on track. With passenger numbers back up to around 22 million by 2022, the airport is now renewing its growth and development plans.

Artelia Denmark has been working with Copenhagen Airport since 1935 and is actively involved in the implementation of its projects. Between 2016 and 2018, our teams created a 100-metre-long footbridge to improve the flow of traffic between the metro and the terminals, an extremely important project as around 25% of passengers arrive at the airport by metro.

At the same time, Artelia Denmark also worked on the development of a new walkway and relaxation area between Terminals 2 and 3. Created above the underground car park, this is a complex, high-quality project using natural stone, trees and shrubs. The aim is both to create a pleasant setting for a variety of recreational activities and to improve overall safety at the airport.