E.Leclerc platform – Scadif

A new-generation automated logistics platform for a leading French supermarket chain

Scadif, the central purchasing office of the E.Leclerc group, a major French player in the retail sector, has awarded Artelia subsidiary SDZ a contract to build a high-performance platform using the latest technologies, particularly in terms of automation.

The 66,400 m2 plant includes two high-rise cells for automated handling of pallets and parcels using robots.


With almost 23% of the sector’s market share, the E.Leclerc group was France’s leading mass retailer at the beginning of 2023, offering its customers a very wide range of products (food, clothing, household equipment, etc.) via a very extensive national network of shops. The logistics function is obviously crucial for this brand. It is organised into regional platforms, which have undertaken to modernise, concentrating their resources to consolidate transport and relying on automation to improve efficiency in managing the millions of parcels and products handled every day.

Scadif (a cooperative supply company for Greater Paris Region) therefore asked SDZ, an Artelia subsidiary specialising in intensive and automated logistics infrastructures, to design this plant and supervise its construction. Its 66,400 sq. m. of floor space includes a warehouse dedicated to the storage of fresh, ultra-fresh and frozen products (at -25°C), a warehouse for dry products, a conventional reception/shipping area and two high-rise cells for the automated handling of pallets and parcels using robots (6,000 sq. m., 150 m. long, 40 m. wide and 36 m. under the ceiling with no intermediate posts). Another 6,000 m2 cell is dedicated to depalletising, automated parcel handling and repalletising using robots.