Toulon Provence Metropolis Energy Master Plan

Planning the energy transition of a coastal region

In accordance with the French law on energy transition, the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolis has drawn up a territorial climate-air-energy plan aimed at preventing climate change and adapting the region to its effects.

At the core of this strategic document is an energy master plan, combining political ambitions and an operational programme, which the metropolis has appointed Artelia to produce.


The Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolis includes 12 municipalities and around 450,000 inhabitants. It is located in the south of France, on a highly attractive coastline that is also very exposed to climate change and its corollaries (heatwaves, rising sea levels, storms, etc.). Its territorial climate, air and energy plan combines a number of targets: improving air quality, reducing energy consumption, developing renewable energy production, improving the area’s resilience to climate change, etc. It includes a diagnosis, a strategy, an action plan and a scorecard.

Artelia was involved in a key component of this plan, the energy master plan. The purpose of this document is to fully integrate energy issues into the city’s various sectoral policies and to give them an operational dimension in urban and infrastructure planning. It is designed as a decision-making tool and a way of promoting dialogue between the various players in the area.

To produce the report, our teams began by drawing up a complete inventory of the energy situation in the region (players, financial flows, technical system, greenhouse gas emissions, estimated CO2 sequestration, etc.). They then assessed the challenges and potential for transition (reducing consumption, developing renewable and recovered energies, reducing emissions and carbon sequestration, etc.). Finally, in close collaboration with the Metropolis, they developed different scenarios, a strategy and a programme of action. They also updated the territorial climate, air and energy plan accordingly and supported the Metropolis until the approval of this document by the Metropolitan Council.