Fulham Road Shell station

Conversion of a conventional service station to 100% electric

On Fulham Road in Greater London, Shell has undertaken the complete conversion of one of its service stations. In addition to replacing the petrol and diesel pumps with ultra-fast recharging points, the aim was to implement a new station concept focusing on quality of welcome and sustainable development.

Artelia managed the entire project, from design to planning, from demolition to reconstruction.


Developing the distribution of alternative fuels to oil is a development that the major energy providers have been preparing for a number of years and have begun to implement. Artelia has been working with them on these issues for a long time. The conversion of the Fulham Road petrol station is emblematic of this trend, while at the same time being ahead of its time since it involves completely replacing hydrocarbons with electricity.

The project involved redesigning the station to offer a concept and layout perfectly suited to fuel-electricity and the commitment to sustainability that underpins this transition. Nine high-power (175 kW), ultra-fast (20 min) recharging points were installed in place of the traditional pumps. All the buildings have been eco-designed with a view to saving energy and resources and reducing the carbon footprint (timber frame, photovoltaic roof, low-temperature bitumen car park, intelligent water and air management system). As refuelling takes proportionately longer than with traditional liquid or gaseous fuels, the station has also been designed to provide a welcoming and pleasant waiting environment (Waitrose lounge and Costa Coffee).