Grand Paris Express

The largest automatic metro project in Europe

A strategic urban project for the Greater Paris region, the Grand Paris Express is an extension of the Paris metro network designed to link up the municipalities on the surrounding ring road. This gigantic operation involves creating 200 km of railway and 68 stations. As leader of the Artemis consortium assisting the project owner, Société du Grand Paris, Artelia is also in charge of the project management for line 18 and the western section of line 15.


Led by the Société du Grand Paris, this metro project strengthens the metropolitan area’s public transport system by making it easier to travel from suburb to suburb without travelling through the city centre. Four new lines will be built, representing 200 km of additional lines (underground and overhead) equipped with 68 stations. Designed for passenger comfort and open to the city, these stations are largely connected to the existing metro, RER, suburban train and tram network.

The Grand Paris Express is also a major programme for the renewal of the urban area, involving 42 districts and already resulting in the implementation of 180 urban, property and landscaping development projects. With fast, comfortable transport and easier access to the city’s activities and facilities, the Grand Paris Express aims to improve the lives of its residents and the 3 million passengers expected every day.

Artelia has been assisting Société du Grand Paris, the contracting authority, since the launch of this extraordinary project. Our teams have supported the company throughout the infrastructure design phase, the appointment of contractors, the launch of civil engineering works, the digging of tunnels, the construction of engineering structures, the building of stations, the choice of rolling stock, etc.

In parallel with this exciting project, which involved more than 100 employees, Artelia mobilised other Group teams to act as project managers for line 18 and the western section of line 15 of the new metro, both of which are currently under construction. Comprising 35 km of track and 10 stations, line 18 will link Orly airport to several major economic and scientific centres, including Paris-Saclay (110,000 passengers/day expected). The western section of line 15, comprising 14 km and 5 stations, is expected to open at the end of 2031.

Photo credits: Explorations architecture