Hong River drinking water treatment plant

Improving access to drinking water for the city of Hanoi

Artelia has supervised the construction of a drinking water treatment plant in Hanoi’s Dan Phuong district. This infrastructure, which collects raw water from the Red River, has a treatment capacity of around 300,000 m³/d and will be able to supply nearly two million people. It will meet the increasing needs of the Vietnamese capital and remedy the progressive closure of old groundwater treatment plants.


The city of Hanoi has experienced sustained and uninterrupted population growth since the 1990s. Providing this growing population (8.3 million inhabitants by 2021) with sufficient quantities of drinking water is a major challenge in an environment where both surface and underground resources are often degraded. The municipality is therefore working to implement modern, reliable water purification infrastructures.

The Hong River water treatment plant is part of this programme. Located in Lien Hong commune (Dan Phuong district, Hanoi city), it covers an area of 21 hectares. The first phase of the project, with a capacity of 300,000 m³/day, will supply clean water to 8 cities in the Dan Phuong district and to some surrounding areas.

Artelia Vietnam supervised the construction of the whole plant (settling tanks, treatment units, reservoirs, etc.) and the associated underground pipelines (3.1 km in DN 1800 for the raw water supply and 29 km in DN 400 and DN 1600 for the treated water).