Sundby school in Denmark

Creating the first Danish school to be awarded the Nordic Swan label

Built by the municipality of Guldborgsund, the Sundby school is innovative in many ways. Its location outside the city, its circular architecture that opens onto nature, its relationship with the local community and its desire to provide a sustainable and healthy building for pupils and teachers make it an exemplary project to which Artelia Denmark is proud to have contributed.


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, like the European Union Ecolabel, is widely recognised by consumers looking for sustainable, ecological and healthy products. When applied to buildings, it sets very high standards in terms of “indoor climate”, including thermal comfort, natural lighting, ventilation and the use of materials that do not contain any chemicals that are hazardous to health. It also means implementing sustainable solutions that respect the environment, particularly in terms of energy consumption.

Located on the island of Lolland in south-east Denmark, the municipality of Guldborgsund has set itself very ambitious environmental targets for the construction of its new school. Artelia Denmark, in its capacity as consulting engineer, therefore suggested that the municipality aim for the Nordic Swan ecolabel. Our teams met this challenge by designing, in close collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects, Skala Architects, BO-HUS, ETN Architects and Autens, a unique building that incorporates many advances in eco-design and eco-construction.

Given that a pupil spends almost 11,000 hours at school during his or her first 10 years, the challenge was to provide the school’s 580 pupils and 100 employees with the healthiest and most efficient indoor environment. The school is expected to open in 2023.

Credits : Sora Images