Kinguélé-Aval hydropower scheme

Developing sustainable energy production in Gabon in compliance with high social and environmental standards

With a capacity of 34 MW, this new run-of-river scheme, located on the Mbei river, is part of the Republic of Gabon’s strategy to increase the renewable energy mix to 80% by 2025. 

In partnership with EDF-CIH, Artelia is assisting the project owner, Meridiam, with the construction of the dam, penstocks and power station.


Financed by the private developer Meridiam through its local subsidiary Asonha Energie (in which the Government of Gabon also participates), this hydroelectric scheme is located on the Mbei River, 90 km from Libreville next to the Cristal Mountains (Estuary region in north-west Gabon), an area particularly rich in biodiversity. It is part of the Republic of Gabon’s energy strategy, which aims to develop its electricity production and stabilise the power network by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Prior to the planned development scheme, Artelia carried out all the environmental and social impact studies and identified the major issues arising from the project’s location in this sensitive area of the Monts de Cristal park. This assignment led to the implementation of various preservation measures (halving the size of the initial reservoir to reduce its impact) and compensation measures (creation of a protected forest area, rural electrification of the surrounding area, fund to support the development of sustainable activities for local communities, etc.).

Artelia was also involved in the technical development of the concrete gravity dam (45 m high), all the ancillary structures (water intake, diversion structures, spillway, penstocks, transmission line) and the hydroelectric power station. Our teams are currently supervising the construction of the scheme.

Photo credits: Reuters