La Grande-Motte

Sustainable modernisation of public spaces in a highly touristic port city

A very dynamic and popular seaside resort in the south of France, La Grande-Motte has developed a port and urban extension project that combines a number of expectations and concerns (tourism and the nautical economy, public spaces and living together, mobility, the coastal environment, climate change, etc.). Working alongside architect François Leclercq, Artelia is in charge of all the project’s maritime and land infrastructures, as well as carrying out the associated environmental studies.


The City-Port project is the result of a reflection initiated by the municipality of La Grande Motte to support the sustainable development of its area. Its ambition is to bolster economic activity, centred on tourism, boating and yachting, modernise public spaces, improve mobility and integrate the challenges of climate change and the preservation of the coastal environment.

Focusing on the transformation of the port and the creation of an ecosystem dedicated to boating, the project includes the redevelopment of public spaces to bring them into line with current expectations in terms of active mobility, nature in the city, opening up to the sea, and sports and leisure facilities. The programme includes a wide range of improvements: the sea wall will be lengthened and pedestrianised, the harbour will be enlarged with a promenade, the road network will be reduced to make way for walking and cycling, some of the car parking will be moved to the entrance to the town, the quays will be planted with trees and islands of fresh air will be created, and new family housing will be built. In particular, the project should lead to a doubling of pedestrian spaces, the creation of 400 moorings in the port and the arrival of 1,200 additional residents, while maintaining the town’s very high level of greening (70%).

As project manager, Artelia is taking part in the design, coordinating the project and overseeing its implementation. In particular, our teams drew up an overall plan and finalised the architectural, urban and environmental specifications. They also assist the local authority in managing the property programmes.