The Futuroscope Aquascope

Physical immersion in virtual aquatic worlds

Located near Poitiers in West of France, Futuroscope is a theme park dedicated to the discovery of science and technology, and the entertaining way in which they are presented through a range of sensory experiences. The new attraction it has initiated is fully in keeping with this spirit, as it combines a water park with imagery.

Artelia is project manager for two key elements of the project, water and energy.


Futuroscope is restructuring its facilities and renewing its attractions and has decided to create a water park that reflects its technological and immersive identity. The project involves the creation of three areas: Immersion, Sensation and Fun. In the first of these, the park will offer its immersive experience, projecting visitors into different aquatic worlds that are both virtual and physical. The two other, more traditional areas will offer a wide range of water attractions (dizzying slides, wave pools, water whirlpools, etc.) and an area dedicated to families and children.

Covering an area of 12,000 m2, including the outside areas, a building with a floor area of 6,800 m2 will be erected to house the attractions and the various facilities that will enable water and digital technology to work together in harmony. Artelia is managing the studies and design of the filtration and water treatment facilities for all the aquatic components (pools, river, swimming pools, slides, etc.), as well as the other fluid networks (ventilation, heating, etc.). Our teams are also involved in the design of all the installations (high and low voltage) dedicated to powering the attractions, lighting, site surveillance and control of the scenography, etc.

Crédits : ARTHUR Architectes