Le Mans Chronovélo

A comfortable and safe metropolitan cycle network

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, a growing number of French towns and cities are developing their cycling infrastructure to offer residents viable and safe alternatives to car use. The city of Le Mans, world-famous for motor racing, has launched the creation of a 315 km network of cycle lanes throughout the urban area and has chosen Artelia to develop it.


Improving the quality of life for all residents is at the heart of the Chronovélo project. By providing a comfortable, safe and efficient cycling infrastructure, Le Mans Métropole aims to encourage cycling and make travel easier by reducing the use of individual combustion-powered vehicles, which are a major source of CO2 emissions and traffic jams. The cycle network currently being built is structured around 4 major routes that cross the conurbation and numerous peripheral routes that link the living and employment areas, serving local shops and facilities. This network covers almost 70% of the population and 90% of jobs.

Drawing on the experience of its Danish subsidiary, Artelia drew inspiration from Copenhagen’s network of cycle highways, which on a larger scale offer cyclists express routes to and through the city. Our teams have adapted this know-how to the French situation, creating routes and layouts that minimise disruption and obstacles that could have a negative impact on cyclists’ experience. Clear signage separating cyclists from other road users was also implemented. Now that the general plan and the various routes have been approved, the project is entering the implementation phase.