Modernisation of the Athanor sorting centre

A waste sorting and energy recovery infrastructure more appropriate to the current issues

Fluctuating volumes and growing requirements and technologies for waste sorting and incineration led the Grenoble conurbation to replace its ageing Athanor centre with a new facility.

Capable of processing up to 50,000 t/year and incinerating up to 165,000 t of waste, the new facility will be much better suited to taking account of current issues, particularly those regarding plastics.


Sorting and incineration plants were developed in the 1970s in response to growing waste problems. They have undergone many changes, due both to the growth in volumes to be treated and to increasingly stringent regulations (waste sorting and recycling, management of flue gases and combustion residues).
The Athanor sorting and incineration centre in Grenoble, which was built in 1972 and already modernised in 1989, is a prime example of these changes and is now ageing. Seven local authorities in the area have therefore decided to invest in new facilities that are better suited to today’s issues (automation and protection of operators, new environmental targets, expected reduction in the use of incineration, etc.).

Artelia is participating in this project, which includes the construction of a new sorting centre and a new incineration and energy recovery unit (UIVE) on the existing site. The two projects will be carried out without interrupting the site’s activities, and the old facilities will then be dismantled. The objective is to have a sorting capacity of 50,000 t/year and an incineration capacity of 165,000 t/year to serve the local authorities involved, representing almost 740,000 inhabitants.

Photo credits: DHA Architectes Urbanistes