Modernising public lighting in Angers

Saving energy by implementing a more energy-efficient urban lighting system

In 2020, Angers Loire Métropole launched a smart urban strategy to meet “a twofold objective of saving energy and improving public services for the environment and local residents”. It has signed a global performance contract with a consortium led by Engie Ineo, which is providing the design and implementation of an improvement programme in all the relevant fields for which it is responsible.

Artelia is involved in the renovation of all the city’s public lighting.


Angers Loire Métropole’s smart urban strategy, which aims at using digital technologies to better control consumption and emissions, is based on the implementation of many sensors and a system for managing the data collected. It covers a wide range of infrastructures and facilities: lighting and illuminated signage, public buildings, water and sanitation, waste, car parks and green spaces. Ultimately, the local authority aims at significantly reducing water and energy consumption, improving waste collection and reducing vehicle pollution. It is expecting this programme to generate overall savings of €100 million a year.

Acting on behalf of the consortium, Artelia is responsible for the engineering of all public lighting in the conurbation, representing almost 50,000 light points. Our teams audited the existing equipment, drew up a lighting charter and designed a programme of action, which is now being implemented. A geomatics engineer from the Group has also been involved in managing the data and integrating it into the maintenance management software. By the end of 2022, more than 10,000 streetlights will have been replaced, with an average 70% reduction in electricity consumption. The conurbation has estimated that for the first 5,000 streetlights replaced, it has already saved €444,000.