Monitoring of 28 French dams

Monitoring and assessing dams to ensure they are operated in optimum safe conditions

Based on its long experience in the calculation and modelling of hydraulic structures, Artelia has developed tools and implemented a monitoring and dam safety assessment service for dams behaviour that three French hydropower producers are currently using to monitor around thirty of their hydraulic structures.


Artelia has been monitoring three dams for the Roannaise de l’Eau combined syndicate since 2020, and has extended this monitoring and structural safety assessment activity to 11 other dams for Saint-Etienne-Métropole and a further 14 for Société Hydro-Electrique du Midi. This includes a wide range of infrastructures (arch, gravity, embankment, rockfill, etc.).

Our teams have developed the Ausc² application, for capture, centralisation and preliminary analysis of dam monitoring data, and the Optimiz add-on for statistical analysis of data from the most complex structures.