Amiens-Picardie University Hospital Centre

Bringing together 4 health establishments in a new, modern hospital

Carried out in two successive phases, the Amiens-Picardie hospital project has led to the merger of 4 health establishments in a new building, specially designed for the project, which will house 6,500 staff, around 2/3 of whom will be healthcare professionals. This new university hospital has a threefold mission: care, teaching and research.

Artelia has supported the client throughout the project, the first phase of construction of which began in 2007.


As part of France’s policy of consolidating health establishments, the Amiens-Picardie university hospital centre (CHU) project has resulted in the development of 170,000 m² of floor space to accommodate around a hundred departments (1,238 beds, 33 operating theatres, an imaging platform with scanners and MRIs, biology and pharmacy departments, an emergency department, etc.). The building also includes a 250-seat amphitheatre, an internship building and two helipads, one of which is on the terrace. The CHU is equipped with innovative digital and robotic systems: 27 automated carrier vehicles, known as “tortoises”, provide logistical transport (medicines, meals, linen).

Artelia was project manager for the entire project, divided into two phases (the first phase was handed over in 2014 and the second in 2020). Our teams brought a wide range of skills to bear on this project, including structural and technical expertise, micro-layout, fire safety, laboratory engineering, environmental consultancy, equipment-building interface, site management and operating assistance.