Nong Fab LNG import terminal

A facility to strengthen Thailand’s capacity to import liquefied natural gas

Owned by Thailand’s national oil company PTT, the Nong Fab LNG regasification terminal is located to the east of Bangkok. Completed and started its operations in 2022, it possesses a regasification capacity of 7.5 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), and a peak output capacity of 9Mtpa. 

Artelia, through its subsidiary, SMC Consulting Engineers, contributed to the design and completion of this LNG facility, which can accommodate LNG carriers with a capacity of up to 266,000 m³.


Natural gas is an important component of Thailand’s energy mix and plays a key role in the country’s electricity production (>60%). Due to decreasing production from the country’s main gas field and sanctions threatening supplies from Myanmar, the focus is currently on developing LNG imports.

Since 2018, Petroleum Autority of Thailand (PTT), Thailand’s national oil company, has launched the Nong Fab project and chosen Artelia to be the project manager. The project includes the construction of two 250,000 m³ LNG storage tanks, a gasification plant with an annual processing capacity of 7.5 million tonnes, a 6-kilometre trestle unloading facility and an administration building. The LNG terminal is impressive in terms of the size of its tanks (the largest in Thailand) and the size of its trestle (one of the largest in the world in the LNG sector).