Novasep Sirius

Extension of a production line for active pharmaceutical ingredients

Novasep Chasse-sur-Rhône (now a subsidiary of the Axplora Group), a fine chemicals company specializing in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, called on Artelia to study the extension of manufacturing capacity for one of its products. The Group’s teams worked on the preliminary design, then project management for this project, christened Sirius, including the installation of a filter-dryer, related installations and all associated utilities.


Novasep offers custom development and production solutions for active pharmaceutical ingredients. It has numerous production facilities and world leadership in specific technologies (industrial chromatography, highly active compounds, viral vectors, etc.). The Chasse-sur-Rhône site, one of Novasep’s largest, has benefited from an extension-modernization program, of which the Sirius project is one component.

To meet the growing needs of the targeted therapies industry, Novasep has decided to increase the capacity and flexibility of one of its manufacturing facilities at Chasse-sur-Rhône. Two new synthesis reactors were installed upstream of a central piece of equipment, the filter-dryer.

Artelia designed the layout of the filter-dryer, clean room, reactors, storage tanks and associated loading and unloading stations. Our teams were responsible for the specification, equipment and works contract consultation, as well as the design of all trades (piping, electrical systems, instrumentation and automation, storage tanks, clean room, etc.). They also managed qualification procedures and all calls for tender, then supervised construction through to acceptance of these new facilities.