Nyhavna district

Creation of a sustainable neighbourhood in Trondheim

In Trondheim, Norway’s third-largest city, Nyhavna Utvikling is leading an urban transformation project to create a harbour district focused on sustainability.

Alongside architects Cobe and Topic, Artelia and its subsidiary Dr.techn. Olav Olsen are actively contributing to this project, which is implementing various concepts (use of local materials, combination of heat pumps and thalassothermal energy, seasonal heat storage, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.).


Nyhavna Utvikling AS is the organisation behind this vast project, which plans to transform Trondheim’s former commercial port into a lively mixed-use district comprising housing, commercial buildings and welcoming public spaces. In their masterplan proposal, architects Cobe and Topic aimed to ensure accessibility for all to the fjord, by creating a generous park along the water’s edge. They also drew on the historical dimension of the site, using the foundations of the original warehouses to build the various buildings, which will be constructed mainly of wood.

With the aim of creating a neighbourhood focused on sustainability, Artelia is bringing to the project its ideas and extensive expertise in energy, sustainable construction, life cycle analysis, nature in the city, etc. Our teams have identified that existing materials in the project area represent a considerable resource that will be reused as much as possible in the construction of buildings and infrastructure. Proposals have been made to combine different energy concepts such as heat pumps and sea heating, seasonal heat storage and hydrogen fuel cells.

Artelia Denmark also provides expertise in the fields of roads, traffic and mobility, sustainability, environment, electrical installations, fire safety, energy and acoustics. Our subsidiary Dr. techn. Olav Olsen is responsible for geotechnics, wind simulations, climate adaptation and drainage.