Orion Engineered Carbon, Berre-L'Etang, France

Design of an acetylene black unit

Used for pigmenting materials, particularly plastics, but also in the manufacture of batteries due to its good electrical conductivity, acetylene black is currently in great demand by industry. Orion Engineered Carbon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon black, has therefore decided to double production capacity at its Berre-l’Etang site, by entrusting Artelia with the construction of a new acetylene black pelletizing unit.


Orion Engineered Carbon (OEC) is a chemical company specializing in the production of carbon black, with 15 plants worldwide. Manufactured in powder or granulated form, this substance is an important ingredient in the manufacture of many products (tires, mechanical rubber, coatings, printing inks, textiles, plastic pipes, high-voltage cables, etc.). It is also used in the production of batteries, a fast-growing sector due to the increasing popularity of electric mobility. To meet these growing needs, OEC has decided to double the production capacity of its Berre-l’Etang plant.

As part of this project, Artelia built a turnkey acetylene black pelletizing unit, an industrial installation comprising a metal structure, drying and packaging equipment. Our teams managed all the design and construction phases, based on the manufacturing process supplied by the customer, and including their usual equipment suppliers. While mastering all the technical components of the project (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation, etc.), they ensured that budgets and schedules were optimized in close collaboration with OEC and its suppliers.

Photo credits: Libellulle